Our abilities

  • Recruiting the best talents for the job
  • Conducting meticulous situational analyses
  • Executing impeccable analysis and mitigation of all types of trade risks
  • A well-established existing network of reputable and high quality manufactures
  • Managing financing, insurance and payment for trade transactions with confidence
  • Capable of Identifying and negotiating with reputable and high quality manufactures
  • Implementing effective international sales advertising and marketing planning and strategies
  • Effectively handling the many variables involved in the international trade and transportation


Telal Almajed is specialized in the promotion and distribution of hospital equipment and consumables, laboratory equipment and consumables, diagnostics and life sciences products, skincare and mesotherapy products and pharmaceutical products. We are committed to offering our customers the solutions they are looking for by providing them with high-quality healthcare and life sciences products in order to meet and even exceed their expectations. The products that we offer our customers are divided into four main categories:

Serine young woman is getting facial botox injection. Beautician hands in gloves holding syringe near her face


Our mission is to constantly improve the quality of life of patients and the quality of work for all of our customers by offering them high quality services, solutions and products.

For us, just as for every other business, economic success is the basic foundation for fulfilling our mission. We can only achieve this, together with the people we work for and with. Therefore, they are at the center of our thinking and doing.


It is our vision to always offer high quality services, solutions and products that are verifiably effective. This vision is our guiding principle on all levels, whether in strategic decision-making within our management teams or in the daily operative work of each of our employees. Our vision always motivates us to identify high-quality solutions and products which can be proven to be effective and efficient in their application in order to offer those high-quality solutions and products to our Customers.

About us

Telal Almajed is an established name in export trade whereby it strives to effectively form a bridge between those who seek and those who provide products in the field of healthcare and personal wellbeing.

Both buying from and selling to countries all over the world, we use our knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure quality, cut costs and achieve results. Read More

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