About Telal Almajed

Telal Almajed is an internationally operating company based in the United Arab Emirates, with the aim of offering solutions and products in the field of healthcare and personal wellbeing to customers all around the world We have successfully developed a strong long-term relationship with quality manufacturers around the globe, while simultaneously offering reliable services and high-quality solutions and products to our clients that are proven to be effective and efficient in their application.

Our thoughts and actions are focused on providing the best services and products to our clients in order to improve patients’ quality of life, as well as offering the best possible working conditions for users in hospitals, care facilities and laboratories.

Our products, services, and treatment portfolio cover and focus on the fields of hospital equipment and consumables, laboratory equipment and consumables, diagnostics and life sciences products, skincare and mesotherapy products and pharmaceutical products. We consistently develop our services and update our products portfolio in collaboration with leading medical practitioners and partners in order to be able to provide the most relevant and up-to-date products and services to our clients in addition to offering flexible, individual solutions for the relevant context.

Telal Almajed takes pride in its values that consist of respect, clarity, loyalty and trust. These values have accompanied us since the beginning and will continue to do so in the future. They are the constants that shape our work and our behavior.


  • We deal with each other and our clients in a respectful manner
  • We promote diversity of opinion, yet accept the final decision and back them


  • In all our thoughts and actions, we are focused on goals and results and assume responsibility for our tasks and projects
  • By actively listening, we make sure that we have been understood correctly
  • We are part of a culture in which asking is not perceived as being frustrating or imprudent


  • We do everything in the interest of the company and clients and strive to hold our own values, rules, or principles
  • We are socially responsible and do not see loyalty as a one-way street


  • We are convinced that working relationships based on trust can grow
  • We are receptive to new things – whether this is people or ideas
  • We are part of a culture that promotes openness and transparency
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